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EUROPA 280M details 

The EUROPA 280M Bandsaw is perfect for cutting sections, steel, tube and solids in the fab shop. This European built Industrial band Saw is accurate and simple to use. Ideal machine to replace Macc, Pedrazzoli, or Bomar saw. Metal cutting band saws uk. 
Movable head 0 – 60° one way 
Blade Speeds 32 & 66 M/min 
(Optional 240v, 1ph - 64 M/min) 
Reduction unit in oil bath 
Quick lock vice for easy adjustment 
400v 3phase motor as standard 
Electric Coolant Pump with filter 
Lubrication system to keep the blade oiled and cutting cool 
Trigger operated blade start 
Service tools & Instruction manual with spare parts 
24v low voltage installation with hold-to-run operation – Full CE 
Overall dimensions 1570 mm x 600 mm x 1550 (h) mm 

Optional Equipment: 

Single-phase electric motor 64 M/min, single speed - 240v 
Bandsaw Blades 2450 x 27 x0.9mm 
EUROPA Cool - Soluble Sawing Fluid 
Roller Tables 

EUROPA 320G details 

The EUROPA 320G is a gravity feed bandsaw and is ideal for sawing sections, steel box, tube and solids, including stainless steels and aluminium. An industrial metal cutting band saw that offers accurate cutting and easy operation. Lift up the saw frame, clamp the work, press the start button and let the saw do its job whilst you get on with other workshop tasks. This type of saw is one of the leading saws sold in the UK. The basic characteristics of the machine gives superior finish and excellent blade life. 
Movable head 0° – 60° single mitre 
35 - 71 M/min on 400v 3phase motor 
Reduction unit oil bath 
Saw frame pivot pin with taper roller bearings to eliminate backlash. 
Double quick locking vice with movable jaws 
240v machines with single speed 
Electric coolant pump with filtration system to keep the blade oiled 
Hydraulic downfeed operation 
Bar stop Arm 
Heavy duty carbide blade guides and rollers 
Service tools, Instruction manual and spare parts 
24 V low voltage installation (CE) 
Blade tension with micro-switch 
Overall dimensions: 1875 mm x 900 mm x 1360 mm 

Optional Equipment: 

Pneumatic vice installation 
Single-phase electric motor 69 M/min, single speed - 240v 
Speed variator / motor inverter for variable blade speed 
EUROPA Cool - Soluble Sawing Fluid 
Roller Tables 

EUROPA 410DG details 

The EUROPA 410DG is a double mitre gravity feed bandsaw which is heavy duty and perfect for the steel fabrication business. Its accurate and consistent, and can mitre cut both left and right. Suitable for both mild steels and stainless steels, this saw makes the cutting process easy!  
Movable head 45° left - 60° right 
Rigid construction 
Heavy duty pivot with taper rollers 
Easy Head rotation and vice movement 
Gravity feed system - control the speed of the cut. 
Adjustable stops for head stroke 
Blade tensioner with micro switch 
Electric coolant pump with filtration system and ample control to keep the blade oiled and the cut cool 
400v, 3phase motor - 38 - 77 M/min 
Bar stop arm 
Quick action vice lock 
Service tools, instruction manual and spare parts 
Overall dimensions : 1830 mm x 660 mm x 1560 mm 

Optional Equipment: 

Speed variation - 20 - 90 M/min  
Roller Tables  
EUROPA Cool - Soluble Sawing Fluid 
Bandsaw blades - M42 bi-metal blades 3200 x 27 x 0.9mm 

EUROPA SB300 details 

The Europa SB.300VS Swivel Base Mitring Horizontal Bandsaw as been sold for many years to people who want a simple but functional sawing solution. This bandsaw has the more tradtional working height of older Startrite or Meba bandsaws, with the added benefit of the swivel head to do mitre cuts with ease. 300mm round capacity make it a good optional for larger tubes or sections. Variable speed drive allowing the machine to cut stainless steels, mild steels, non ferrous in solids and sections. Practical band saws uk stocked. 
Quick action vice 
Solid Carbide Roller blade guides 
Totally enclosed transmission 
Blade chip brush 
Cast iron bed assembly 
Swivel Head instant mitre saw frame 
Material length stop 
Coolant system 
Automatic switch off at end of cut 
Bandsaw blade 
Hydraulically controlled bow descent 
Fully enclosed blade with adjustable guards and interlocked blade covers 
Lockable main switch (electrics telemechanique components) 
Full CE Certification 

Optional Equipment: 

1000mm infeed / outfeed table with 500mm wide rollers 
2000mm infeed / outfeed table with 500mm wide rollers 
Single support roller adjustable height 300mm wide 
Blade Break Detection – shuts off machine if the blade breaks 
EUROPA Cool - Soluble Sawing Fluid 
Bandsaw Blade - M42 Bi-metal  

Advanced Specifications 

1.1 KW 
1.1 KW 
1.6 KW 
1,5 KW 
Vice Width 
Blade Size 
2450 x 27 x 0.9mm 
2825 x 27 x 0.9mm 
3200 x 27 x 0.9mm 
3475mm x 1.0mm x 25mm 
Blade Speeds 
33 - 66 m/min 
35 - 71 m/min 
38 - 77 m/min  
17-82m/min infinitely variable 
Band Wheel Diameter 
Mitring Capacity 
0 - 60 degrees 
0 - 60 degrees 
45 - 0 - 60 degrees 
0 - 45 Degrees 
L 1570mm W 600mm  
H 1525mm 
L 1870mm W 795mm  
H 1360mm 
L 1830mm W 660mm  
H 1360mm 
L 1900mm W 740mm  
H 1020mm 
Cut 0° 
Round 220mm 
Square 215mm 
Rectangular 155mm x 250mm 
Round 230mm 
Square 220mm 
Rectangular 80mm x 120mm 
Round 300mm 
Square 280mm 
Rectangular 120mm x 80mm 
Round 304.8mm  
Square 304.8mm 
Rectangular 406.4mm x 254mm 
or 457.2 x 152.4 
Cut 45°  
(45° left capacity will be reduced 
on DG models only) 
Round 160mm 
Square 150mm 
Rectangular 110mm x 160mm 
Round 200mm 
Square 180mm 
Rectangular 110mm x 130mm 
Round 240mm 
Square 220mm 
Rectangular 130mm x 240mm 
Round 203.2mm diameter 
Square 203.2mm x 203.2mm 
Rectangular 203.2mm x 304.8mm 
Cut 60° 
Round 100mm 
Square 85mm 
Rectangular 80mm x 95mm 
Round 130mm 
Square 120mm 
Rectangular 110mm x 130mm 
Round 140mm 
Square 140mm 
Rectangular 140mm x 140mm 
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